Our enterprise

We are a French brand of upcycling and second -hand based onBordeaux.We rework second -hand clothes to give them a new life. This choice is explained by the desire to restore usefulness toClothes already in the circuit. Each garment has its history and its singularity and we rework it according to its condition and the demand of our customers. We are trying to design timeless models, which can be worn in any season because it is modular: for example, the sets are perfect for being worn in the winter and in the summer set in summer.

All our parts are made by us in our Bordeaux workshop. We also collaborate with the textile space, association and collective and solidarity workshop which provides free sewing lessons for women in reintegration.

We exclusively create unique pieces that we offer during Drops. Since his beginnings, Manon has used to offer new articles by "Drop". A drop is the release of new parts at the same time at a given time on the site. Today, we are doing two drops per week: one on Wednesday and one on Sundays. The new features appear on the site at 6 p.m. on these days.

We are a small team of 3 people. Manon, the creator of the brand, takes care of the artistic direction and the seam. She also poses for photos and manages the creation of content for social networks. Clément is operational manager and coordinator of the brand's projects. He takes care of logistics, after -sales service, online putting and accounting. Hugo is alternating as a multimedia project manager. He participated in creation operations (content and clothing).


It is important to us that our concept respects our values ​​and we therefore have a desire to produce a limited amount of parts and not overproduce or produce to produce. Each room is unique, takes time to be sorted, washed, ironed, transformed, shot and put online before arriving at home. We want to keep mastery of what we are doing. These are values ​​that have supported us since the creation of our project and which will continue to evolve with us.

We do our best to ensure that our project andour actionsbe as respectful of the environment, however they are not perfect. For example, we use a lot of water to wash our stock but we use natural products to do so. We are also aware that our raw material has sometimes traveled a lot of kilometers before arriving at us. Our brand is not perfect, does not pretend to be and does not seek to be a model. However, we will continue to do our best so that it is as respectful as possible, with maximum transparency towards you.

If you want to know more, we invite you to consult our FaqWhere you will find a lot of answers to questions that come back regularly.

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